Manufacturing Confidence by Exporting Quality

At JSP, we never cut corners on quality. We align ourselves with quality manufacturers (in the U.S. and abroad) and we export the best U.S. products to the European components markets. We are committed to quality assurance and we diligently comply with European regulations. RoHS and REACH are extremely important to our success. As a logical consequence, our sister company, pb fastener + components, has been certified 9000 DIN EN ISO since 1996.

To demonstrate our long-term commitment to quality, we choose our partners based on whether they share our quality standards. When you work with JSP, you can expect first-class product quality in addition to our high standards of consulting expertise, quick availability and the creative implementation of your ideas. We offer:

  • Continuous monitoring of product quality
  • Professional quality management
  • Successfully completed audits and monitoring
  • Use of highly sensitive measuring instruments and precision balances
  • Provision of technical documentation
  • Staff training and development


Download our sister company’s certificates here.

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